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Border Patrol Agent Operational Mobility Reassignment Opportunity

Company: Department Of Homeland Security
Location: blaine
Posted on: May 3, 2021

Job Description:

  • Duties




Organizational Location: This position is located with the U.S. Border Patrol at various locations throughout the United States.

You may only receive consideration for up to TWO Stations. If you wish to change locations after your initial application submission you will need to choose all of your locations again. Changing even one location will override all previous location choices. You may not change location preferences after 04/30/2021.

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Listed below are the duty locations that may be filled under this announcement:

A PCS relocation benefit has been authorized for placement into the following location:


Ramey Station | Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Agents may receive a GSA Lump Sum relocation payment, if their new station meets the "distance test." If selectee is relocating from a location outside of CONUS, then a PCS move will be authorized. Please see Qualifications section for further details on this requirement.


Alpine Station | Alpine, TX

Ft. Stockton Station | Fort Stockton, TX

Marfa Station | Marfa, TX

Van Horn Station | Van Horn, TX


Blaine Station | Blaine, WA


Del Rio Station | Del Rio, TX


Havre Station | Havre, MT

St. Mary Station | Babb, MT


Freer Station | Freer, TX

Hebbronville Station | Hebbronville, TX

Laredo North Station | Laredo, TX

Laredo South Station | Laredo, TX

Zapata Station | Zapata, TX


West Palm Beach Station | Riviera Beach, FL


Brownsville Station | Olmito, TX

Falfurrias Station | Falfurrias, TX

Harlingen Station | Harlingen, TX

Kingsville Station | Kingsville, TX

McAllen Station | McAllen, TX

Rio Grande City Station | Rio Grande City, TX

Weslaco Station | Weslaco, TX


Bonners Ferry Station | Bonners Ferry, ID

Colville Station | Colville, WA

Curlew Station | Curlew, WA

Metaline Falls Station | Metaline Falls, WA


Swanton Station | Swanton, VT


Blythe Station | Blythe, CA

Wellton Station | Wellton, AZ

Yuma Station | Yuma, AZ

If selected for a location listed below, you may also receive a relocation incentive payment. The following requirements apply:

  • Agents new duty station must be at least 50 miles from their current station in order to be eligible;
  • Agents must relocate to the new geographic location;
  • Agents must have a rating of record that is at least fully successful or equivalent;
  • Agents may also receive a GSA (Lump Sum) relocation payment if they meet the "distance test" as per the Federal Travel Regulation 302-2.6.

A one-time relocation incentive payment of up to 25% of your annual basic pay, not to exceed $12,800 for the following location(s):


Carrizo Springs Station | Carrizo Springs, TX

Eagle Pass North Station | Eagle Pass, TX

Eagle Pass South Station | Eagle Pass, TX

A one-time relocation incentive payment of up to 25% of your annual basic pay, not to exceed $18,000 for the following location(s):


Presidio Station | Presidio, TX

Sanderson Station | Sanderson, TX


Plentywood Station | Plentywood, MT

Travel Required

Occasional travel - You may be required to travel for this position.

Supervisory status


Promotion Potential


  • Job family (Series)

1896 Border Patrol Enforcement Series

  • Requirements



Conditions of Employment

  • You must be a U.S. Citizen to apply for this position
  • Males born after 12/31/1959 must be registered with Selective Service
  • You may be required to pass a background investigation and/or polygraph
  • CBP follows the DHS Drug-Free Workplace Plan for drug testing procedures
  • You must be able to meet job-related medical and/or fitness standards

Who May Apply:

  • Current 1896: GL-5, GL-7, GL-9, GS-11 & GS-12 Border Patrol Agents in the Bargaining Unit (Agents who are currently serving on a temporary detail or temporary promotion that is non-bargaining and is 120 days or less are eligible for reassignment under this program) who also:
  • Has a minimum of 3 years in service with the agency
  • Is not to be the subject of:
  • Any pending Performance Improvement Plan (PIP);
  • Proposed action of suspension of 7 or more days or termination;
  • Any open investigation being conducted by OIG or an investigation being conducted by OPR for an allegation which, if sustained, the employee would typically receive a proposal of an adverse action (15 days or more);
  • A Last Chance Agreement;
  • Three or more disciplinary actions or a single adverse action (15-day suspension or more) within the last 2 years.

  • Has not received a funded relocation in the past 4 years
  • Has not received a reassignment (funded or non-funded) under the Operational Mobility Program in the past 4 years
  • Has not declined an offer under the Operational Mobility Program in the last 2 years
  • Has not accepted an offer under the Operational Mobility Program in the last 4 years
  • Able to perform all the required duties of the Border Patrol Agent position description
  • Has passed their applicable probationary period

  • View common definitions of terms in this announcement.


You qualify for this position if you are currently serving as a Border Patrol Agent with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This experience must demonstrate responsibility for applying a comprehensive range of Federal laws, rules, regulations and procedures aimed at preventing the illegal entry of aliens into the United States by land, water, or air. If you are selected for this reassignment opportunity, you will be ineligible for a funded reassignment to a new duty location under the Operational Mobility or any other relocation program for a period of four calendar years after reporting to the new duty location.

Qualifications by Closing Date: You must meet all qualification requirements and eligibility requirements by 04/30/2021. Please note that qualification and eligibility claims will be subject to verification through a review of your application. This verification could occur at any stage of the application process. Falsification of your application will remove you from consideration and could subject you to disciplinary action.

Relocation Expenses and Lump Sum Payments: Agents relocating as a part of the Operational Mobility and who meet the distance test will receive the following lump sum amount, depending on their status. These lump sum payments are in lieu of any other relocation payments, the home buyout is not included under this relocation.

  • $13,600 for one-person households who do not own a home.
  • $25,625 for multiple person households who do not own a home.
  • $36,175 for one-person households who own a home.
  • $48,175 for multiple person households who own a home.

These lump sum amounts are before taxes. CBP will treat the entire lump sum as fully taxable and accordingly will use the flat rate method for withholding appropriate Federal Income Taxes, FICA and Medicare. All lump sum payments will be received through direct deposit.

Agents relocating out of Puerto Rico will receive a PCS move in lieu of a lump sum payment.

Distance Test: (1) Effective August 2011, cost transfers are subject to the "distance test". The "distance test" is met when the new official station is at least 50 miles further from the employee's current residence than the old official station is from the same residence. For example, if the old official station is 15 miles from the current residence, then the new official station must be at least 65 miles from that same residence in order to receive relocation expenses for residence transactions. The distance test does not take into consideration the location of a new residence.

Agents who accept a job offer with a relocation incentive are required to sign a one-year service agreement in addition to the one-year relocation payment service agreement. Additionally, agents are ineligible for reassignment to a new duty location under this or any other relocation program for a period of 4 years as outlined in the Operational Mobility Agreement MOU. The service agreement for the relocation incentive, relocation service agreement, and the 4-year ineligibility period will all run concurrently; an additional year will not be added.

Relocation Information: To compare cost of living data, calculate mortgage scenarios or gather information on communities and school districts, please visit: Relocation Essentials.

An employee will lose their Relocation Benefits if they begin any portion of their relocation prior to the receipt of the signed/approved Relocation Package (CBP Form 4501 and/or CBP Form 4504) et. al; referred to below as the travel authorization) from the National Relocation Coordinator at the USBP/MROD office.

  • 302-2.1 When may I begin my transfer or reassignment? You may begin your transfer or reassignment only after your agency has approved your travel authorization (TA) in writing (paper or electronic).
  • 302-2.2 May I relocate to my new official station before I receive a written travel authorization (TA)? No, you must have the written TA (paper or electronic) before you relocate to your new official station.

Per CBP Form 4505 Employment Agreement for Relocating within the Continental United States (CONUS), Agents accepting the relocation offer are required to remain an employee of the agency at the new duty location for at least one full year from reporting date to that location or they will be required to repay the full lump sum payments to the agency with the following exceptions:

  • Employee receives a promotion within CBP,
  • Moves at the requirement of CBP,
  • Qualifies for a relocation under the Spousal or Compassionate Transfer Program,
  • Involuntary separation from CBP; or
  • Moves back to the former duty location due to significant financial hardship due to the housing market.

Two CBP Employees: In a multiple person household where two people are CBP employees, only one lump sum amount will be paid. Note: Station address is the physical address of the station not the official mailing address.

Change in Residence: In order to receive the lump sum payment, agents must change residence from which they normally commute to work and meet all requirements outlined in the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR): Travel Regulations.

Official Residence: Official residence is defined as the residence address listed with the National Finance Center (NFC). It is the agent's responsibility to ensure that his/her official residence is correctly annotated in the NFC and updated as necessary. Your NFC address will be used to complete all distance test calculations in accordance with this job announcement. Note: Please be sure that your Application Manager Profile address is updated as well as your resume to reflect your physical address. PO Boxes will not be accepted as they are not permanent addresses.

Reporting Time: If you do not own a residence, you will have 45 calendar days from the date of formal acceptance to report to your new duty location. If you own a residence, you will have up to 90 calendar days from the date of formal acceptance to report to your new duty location.

Administrative Leave: A cumulative total of 40 hours will be authorized for pre/post move requirements to include finding a home.

No Cost Transfer: No cost transfers are transfers for which selected agents are not eligible for the GSA lump sum payment or the administrative leave outlined above. Management will make as many of these no cost transfers as determined to be consistent with operational needs. The procedures for selecting agents for no cost transfers will be the same procedures found in the evaluation section of this announcement.

Seniority Calculation: Applicants will self-certify their seniority date during the online application. Seniority dates are determined and adjusted based on qualifying service as a BPA. Any breaks in service must be utilized to recalculate your seniority date. Please use the date you Entered on Duty (EOD) with U.S. Border Patrol in the 1896 series. i.e. seniority date (this is not the date of your last promotion). This date will be used to rank you with your peers. Note: Employees who misrepresent their Seniority Dates will be ineligible for relocation for four years.

Example: You were a Border Patrol Agent from 5/22/12 to 5/2/13 (11 months, 11 days). On 5/3/13, you took a position as a CBP Officer. You were reinstated as a Border Patrol Agent on 5/2/14. As of 5/2/14, your new seniority date would be calculated as 5/2/14 minus 11 months and 11 days. Your new seniority date would be 5/21/13. (When calculating your seniority date, separations are effective at midnight of the effective date. For each period of service, the day of the separation must be credited. This can be done by adding a date to each separation date, OR adding the number of separations to the days being subtracted from the appointment date).

Language Requirement: Must be proficient in the Spanish language (i.e. able to speak and read in Spanish).


This job does not have an education qualification requirement.

Keywords: Department Of Homeland Security, Bellingham , Border Patrol Agent Operational Mobility Reassignment Opportunity, Other , blaine, Washington

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